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Re: HELM: M-x (+lag+) command

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: HELM: M-x (+lag+) command
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 07:49:07 +1000
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Ypo <ypuntot@gmail.com> writes:

> You are right. It's the HELM buffer what takes some time to listen to me, and 
> meanwhile my pulsations go to the text buffer where I was.
> Thanks.
> El 12/07/2021 a las 18:00, emacs-orgmode-request@gnu.org escribió:
>  This does not sound like typical behaviour. The first thing which needs
> to be established is whether or not this is a local configuration
> problem. Start by running
> emacs -Q

Helm does have a bit of a reputation for causing adverse performance
issues. For this reason, many people prefer ivy, which is very similar,
but has less of a performance hit. There are also some common
configuration tweaks for helm which can help with improving performance
(check the helm website and wikki).

I'm not sure what the future for helm is. At one stage, the original
author stated he was not going to continue with helm development. This
was partially because of performance issues, but mainly because of some
fundamental design choices that are making it hard to maintain. The
community was unhappy at this and I believe have stepped up to help
maintain the package. 
Tim Cross

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