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Re: org-cite citation commands

From: John Kitchin
Subject: Re: org-cite citation commands
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2021 08:37:21 -0400

It sounds like you use natbib/bibtex (citet/citep are natbib commands I think). In that case, my current understanding is that these are the syntaxes for what you want, with the natbib exporter selected.

 [cite:@key]  -> \citep{key}

 [cite/t:@key]  -> \citet{key}

But, if you use the biblatex backend, these map to 

 [cite:@key]  -> \autocite{key}

 [cite/t:@key]  -> \textcite{key}

There is not currently a way to get \citet and \citep with the biblatex backend.


Professor John Kitchin (he/him/his)
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On Sat, Jul 17, 2021 at 7:41 AM Vikas Rawal <vikasrawal@gmail.com> wrote:
I have been a long time user of org-ref and am excited to see the
development of org-cite. Thanks a lot for this, Nicholas and others
who have been working on this. I have been wanting to give it a spin
for the last few days and finally got down to doing it.

I am aware that the documentation is still in the works and therefore
my apologies in advance if asking these questions is premature. I have
looked at Nicholas' mails which provide basic documentation and have
been trying to follow these.

What is the equivalent here of the various citation commands that something like biblatex or bibtex provide? The two most common citation commands I use are citet and citep (or parencite). These are used to produce the following kind of output using org-ref/biblatex:

* citet

citet:john is an excellent resource.

will be exported as:

John (1990) is an excellent resource.

* citep

This is an excellent resource citep:john.

will be exported as

This is an excellent resource (John, 1990).


How does one achieve this using org-cite?

I am a bit lost with the citation styles that are inbuilt in oc-biblatex.el. Is it expected that we will have to write additional citation styles for getting these kinds of output?

Apologies if this is a naive or a premature question.

Many thanks to everyone.


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