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Re: Bug: "DEFINITION NOT FOUND" for footnote in Org manual

From: Tim Landscheidt
Subject: Re: Bug: "DEFINITION NOT FOUND" for footnote in Org manual
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2021 13:40:49 +0000
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Timothy <tecosaur@gmail.com> wrote:

> […]

>> The original footnote seems to have been added with commit
>> e30aed8f0c62e74633f7a0398340f9bd7bdfa3cc (but personally I
>> don't find that text very helpful).

> Do you think it would be more appropriate to update or remove the
> footnote?

AFAIUI, if LANGUAGE is set, for LaTeX export,
org-latex-package-alist *must* also be set/amended, so the
documentation of this relationship cannot be removed.

But some other minor nitpicks with that setting (from a non-
native speaker):

| - =LANGUAGE= ::

|   #+cindex: @samp{LANGUAGE}, keyword
|   #+vindex: org-export-default-language
|   Language to use for translating certain strings
|   (~org-export-default-language~).  With =#+LANGUAGE: fr=, for
|   example, Org translates =Table of contents= to the French =Table des
|   matières=[fn:122].

1. "Certain strings" is true, but which ones are they?
   Without the second sentence, I couldn't imagine what
   strings the documentation is talking about.  And does
   org-mode change user-supplied occurences of "Table of
   contents" to "Table des matières" as well?

2. Neither org-mode nor anything else is /translating/
   (how?) those strings.  Instead, one chooses the language
   for the name of the "Table of contents" section and

| - =LANGUAGE= ::
|   #+cindex: @samp{LANGUAGE}, keyword
|   #+vindex: org-latex-package-alist
|   In order to be effective, the =babel= or =polyglossia=
|   packages---according to the LaTeX compiler used---must be loaded
|   with the appropriate language as argument.  This can be accomplished
|   by modifying the =org-latex-package-alist= variable, e.g., with the
|   following snippet:
|   #+begin_src emacs-lisp
|   (add-to-list org-latex-package-alist
|                '("AUTO" "babel" t ("pdflatex")))
|   (add-to-list org-latex-package-alist
|                '("AUTO" "polyglossia" t ("xelatex" "lualatex")))
|   #+end_src

3. General question: Why can't the requirement be automatic?
   E. g., if LANGUAGE != "en", use babel or polyglossia?

4. In org-latex-packages-alist (or
   org-latex-default-packages-alist), "AUTO" is not docu-
   mented, neither is OPTIONS in general.

5. My (rudimentary) understanding of LaTeX and babel &
   Co. is that one needs to use it with something like
   "\usepackage[english,german]{babel}".  The first sentence
   ("be loaded with the appropriate language as argument")
   seems to confirm that.  The second sentence says that
   "this" can be accomplished by the following snippet.
   However, there does not seem to be any argument that con-
   veys a language.  Does that happen automatically?  I. e.,
   does the snippet actually accomplish what it claims to?
   (I haven't tested this.)


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