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Re: ConTeXt exporter for Org Mode

From: Jason Ross
Subject: Re: ConTeXt exporter for Org Mode
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2021 08:04:06 -0700
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> There are two minor issues:
> - ox-context does not honour #+options: toc: nil  or too: 1
>    Since it is possible to add chapter TOCs later,
>    it might be a good idea to omit the main TOC or limit it to one level.

This is an excellent catch. Not sure how this slipped by over the months
but I will fix this ASAP.

> - I couldn’t find a way to change the paper size.
>    There is
>      ;; US letter paper
>      ("paper-letter" . "\\setuppapersize[letter]")
> in the code, but it doesn’t appear in the output, and I prefer the a-sizes (especially 2 x a5 on a4)

To set the paper size in a particular document, add the following to the
document header:

#+CONTEXT_HEADER: \setuppapersize[A4]

The following code will create a "Snippet" for a4 paper size:

 '("paper-a4" . "\\setuppapersize[A4]")

You can then add the setup command to a document with the following:


The following will change the settings for the article template:

(let ((article-preset
       (cdr (assoc "article" org-context-presets-alist))))
  (plist-put article-preset :snippets
             (cons "paper-a4" (plist-get article-preset :snippets))))

Alternatively, the article template can be modified without declaring
a snippet first with the following:

(let ((article-preset
       (cdr (assoc "article" org-context-presets-alist))))
  (plist-put article-preset :literal
             (concat (plist-get article-preset :literal)

> Do you prefer to receive comments here or should I use the githup tracker in the future?

Specific bugs like the table of contents setting probably belong in the
github tracker. General questions like "how do I change to A4 paper"
could go either way.

Thank you for the feedback!


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