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[Concept talk] Org-connector

From: Sébastien Gendre
Subject: [Concept talk] Org-connector
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2021 22:57:43 +0200
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Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk about a concept for Org-mode. For now it's just a
concept, but maybe it already exist a package that do it.

The concept is called org-connector: It's a package that let you connect
an Org-mode file with an external tickets or tasks manager and let you
manage your tasks or tickets from Org-mode.

For example, if your company use Owncloud Deck to manage tasks of the IT
1. Create an Org-mode file
2. At the top of the file, add `#+CONNECTOR: owncloud_deck` and
   `#+CONNECT_TO: https://ourcload.com/url/to/one/deck`
3. Run the interactive command `oc-sync`

Then, for every task on the specified Owncloud Deck, you have now an Org
entry on your file. You can edit them and run the interactive commands
`oc-sync`, `oc-push` or `oc-pull` to sync, send or receive tasks. If a
conflict is detected between a local task and a task on the external
task manager, org-connector ask you if you want to fix it with SMERGE or

org-connector package provide all `oc-*` functions, a few back-ends and
everything needed to declare a new back-ends. Other back-ends can be
provided by other packages.

What do you thing ? Something like that already exist ?
What kind of feature do you think is needed ?
How do you think this package must be developed ? What best practice do
you suggest ? Any advice or idea ?

Best regards

Gendre Sébastien

GPG ID: B586 F7C7 7239 E29E

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