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Re: Still errors with Emacs 26.3

From: Maxim Nikulin
Subject: Re: Still errors with Emacs 26.3
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2021 17:49:19 +0700
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On 16/08/2021 11:49, Axel Kielhorn wrote:
Thanks for fixing the errors in org cite.

I hope, what you report about are no more than warnings, not errors.

Compiling /Users/axel/src/Emacs/org-mode/lisp/org-agenda.el...

In end of data:
org-agenda.el:10873:1:Warning: the function ‘string-empty-p’ is not known to
     be defined.

A patch for this particular issue:
Unfortunately it is not tracked at https://updates.orgmode.org/ for some unclear reason.

Compiling /Users/axel/src/Emacs/org-mode/lisp/org-plot.el...

In org-plot/gnuplot:
org-plot.el:634:4:Warning: ‘(dump-func (plist-get type :data-dump))’ is a
     malformed function
org-plot.el:685:17:Warning: reference to free variable ‘dump-func’

Try "make single" to get even more warnings...

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