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Feature request: Default table alignment variable

From: Yas
Subject: Feature request: Default table alignment variable
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 19:06:19 +0430


Pardon my inexperience toward requesting features for gnu software and sorry if this is not the correct mail for this purpose.

I use orgmode, ox and ox-latex to convert org to LaTeX. Tables in Persian are especially problematic to make. For Persian (or any Right-To-Left script) is - obviously - written from right to left and `org-export-table-cell-alignment' (assuming it's the right function I found) just assumes that if there is no explicit instruction on how to align table cells then it is definitely a `left' align (it should be right).

I'd very much appreciate a custom like `org-export-table-default-cell-alignment' which can be `setq-local'-ed for that matter. (Or even better, org-table-default-cell-alignment for use with or without the export module.)

I am not entirely sure if this short message captures the whole idea or not. Pardon me for my poorly detailed request.

P.S: Maybe I'm just thinking too far at this point but this can even be bound to "#+LANGUAGE: fa" and set automatically once implemented.

P.P.S: I generally think Abjad (Persian/Arabic) LaTeX exports are a hassle with org at the current state. I know the workarounds and patches that make the XeTeX produce proper outputs for Persian and Arabic and most of them are required on every setup and I think they should be implement in the org itself. If the team is interested I could also share details and small macros on that front too but since I'm still noob in LISP and development I cannot make P/Rs as of yet. At the best, I can answer questions and provide guides on how to do what if I'm asked.


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