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Re: Org table: emphasizing calculated cell

From: Norwid Behrnd
Subject: Re: Org table: emphasizing calculated cell
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2021 07:51:52 +0000


try extending the format of the table formula with asterisks, i.e.

| quantity |  value |
| A        |      1 |
| B        |      3 |
| *C*      | *0.33* |
#+TBLFM:  @4$2=@-2/@-1; *%.2f*

Subsequently, issue the call ```C-c *``` for an update while the
cursor is within the table.  This approach works well enough for me
(equally for emphasis with enclosing forward slashes, or underscores)
in Emacs' native display (backed by elpa-org 9.4.0) as well as for a
subsequent export into .html and display (e.g., in Firefox), or .tex.


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