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Re: how to get multi-line author in ODT export?

From: John Kitchin
Subject: Re: how to get multi-line author in ODT export?
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2021 14:34:23 -0400

That is really nice, thanks for sharing it!

Professor John Kitchin (he/him/his)
Doherty Hall A207F
Department of Chemical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 12:55 PM Juan Manuel Macías <maciaschain@posteo.net> wrote:
Hi again,

Another simpler approach, with a filter:

#+TITLE: The kessel run in 12 parsecs
#+AUTHOR: Han Solo !!! Chewbacca !!! Lando Calrissian

#+BIND: org-export-filter-plain-text-functions (author-lb-filter)
#+begin_src emacs-lisp :exports results :results none
  (defun author-lb-filter (text backend info)
    (cond ((org-export-derived-backend-p backend 'odt)
           (replace-regexp-in-string "!!!" "\n" text))
          ((org-export-derived-backend-p backend 'latex)
           (replace-regexp-in-string "!!!" "\\\\\\\\" text))))


Best regards,

Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel Macías writes:

> Hi Eric,
> I think the problem is in this two lines of `org-odt-template', that
> creates the meta.xml file inside the odt file:
> (format "<dc:creator>%s</dc:creator>\n" author)
> (format "<meta:initial-creator>%s</meta:initial-creator>\n" author)
> Perhaps, modifying them like this:
> (format "<dc:creator><![CDATA[%s]]></dc:creator>\n" (replace-regexp-in-string "\\\\\\\\" "\n" author))
> (format "<meta:initial-creator><![CDATA[%s]]></meta:initial-creator>\n" (replace-regexp-in-string "\\\\\\\\" "\n" author))
> We could do this in our documents:
> #+AUTHOR: Han Solo \\ Chewbacca
> (little tested)
> Best regards,
> Juan Manuel
> Eric S Fraga writes:
>> So, as usual, I answer my own question, sort of.
>> The problem is that org exports the author text enclosed within a
>> special directives, specifically:
>>  (format "<text:initial-creator>%s</text:initial-creator>" author))
>> New line directives are not allowed within this declaration, it
>> seems.  Removing (manually) the initial-creator directive then works.
>> So, my question would be: is this text:initial-creator tagging
>> necessary?  If not, can we remove it?  The OpenDocument schema is vague
>> about whether this is necessary.  If we cannot remove it, i.e if
>> initial-creator is required in the document, could it be put in
>> separately (as a meta:initial-creator tag) so that the author field can
>> be more general?
>> I am *not* an ODT expert of any sort.  But it is my route to Word
>> documents when the need arises (which is luckily seldom).
>> Anyway, no panic: I can simply manually edit the odt file just before
>> the final processing...
>> Thank you,
>> eric

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