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Re: ob-lilypond.el doesn't generate midi files

From: Maxim Nikulin
Subject: Re: ob-lilypond.el doesn't generate midi files
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2021 15:20:32 +0700
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On 28/08/2021 02:54, Nick Dokos wrote:

Also check if `org-babel-lilypond-arrange-mode' is t or nil: behavior
is very different depending on that.

Final thought: `xdg-open' starts whatever app it is supposed to run
in the background and returns immediately. That may cause problems with

To be precise, xdg-open is merely a wrapper. It does not decide whether a viewer should be started in background or in foreground, it just delegates decision concerning particular application and a way to start it to desktop environment (if any is running). Gnome's gio open and kde-open5 launch appropriate viewer in background. In my opinion they are free to do so.

It is a decade-old problem that emacs kills such processes. I disagree that it is e.g. Gnome bug.

ob-lilypond.el suffers from this problem in its original form, and it should be fixed.

Approach taken in Org mode for compatibility reasons:
Emacs mailcap:

Pipe process instead of pty one is not a really robust way. The sour truth is that emacs API does allow reliable "shoot and forget" approach for external applications. Currently viewers might make Emacs CPU hungry for no reason (unsure if applications with such behavior exist in real world however). Eli Zaretskii suspects some incompatibility due to switching from pty to pipe processes, but he refused to provide details

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