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Re: Smart quotes for Greek (questions for a possible patch)

From: Juan Manuel Macías
Subject: Re: Smart quotes for Greek (questions for a possible patch)
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 11:11:15 +0000

Hello Protesilaos and Michalis,

Thank you very much, Protesilaos, for the valuable information. It can
be confirmed, then, that the quotation marks rules for current Greek are
identical to the rules for Spanish, so it will be enough to copy the
existing configuration for Spanish in `org-export-smart-quotes-alist'.

It seems that the character U+201F as the first second level quotes
(instead of U+201C), which Yannis Haralambous comments in the article
cited in my first message, although historically attested, has been

Soon I will propose here a patch to support small quotes to

Best regards,

Juan Manuel

Protesilaos Stavrou writes:

> Hello Michalis, Juan Manuel,
> [ I had no access to a computer and could not get to you sooner.  Expect
>   timely replies from now on. ]
> The first level quotes are indeed «».  For the other two, I have to rely
> on what I have encountered before, namely, that the second level is
> denoted with double curly quotes “” and third with single curly quotes
> ‘’.
> I have come across those in EU documents.  There is a style guide for
> the European Institutions.[1][2][3]
> I do not know latex notation to help you with the technicalities.
> Here are the unicode points:
>     | « | U+00AB |
>     | » | U+00BB |
>     | “ | U+201C |
>     | ” | U+201D |
>     | ‘ | U+2018 |
>     | ’ | U+2019 |
> All the best,
> Protesilaos
> [1] Quotes: <http://publications.europa.eu/code/el/el-4100107el.htm>.
> [2] General info: <http://publications.europa.eu/code/el/el-4100000.htm>.
> [3] Main portal: <http://publications.europa.eu/code/el/el-000100.htm>.

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