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Re: [PATCH] ox-ascii.el: Fix justify when `indent-tabs-mode' is non-nil

From: Timothy
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ox-ascii.el: Fix justify when `indent-tabs-mode' is non-nil
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 19:59:52 +0800
User-agent: mu4e 1.6.5; emacs 28.0.50

Hi Morgan,

> I’ve attached a patch to fix an issue where tab characters are generated by
> the ASCII exporter when `indent-tabs-mode’ has its default value of t.

Thanks for finding this bug, fixing it, and sending us it 🙂. I was able to
reproduce your test case with “emacs -Q” (thanks for that, by the way).
As you suspected, with the small number of changed lines, this would be fine to
accept without FSF assignment.
However, your “patch” seems to consist of a diff at the bottom of your email and
a commit message at the top?? It would be preferable if you could provide a
“proper” patch, that way you can get attribution for your help instead of just
someone committing it on your behalf.

All the best,

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