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Re: [BUG] Creating sparse tree with regexp property matches

From: Timothy
Subject: Re: [BUG] Creating sparse tree with regexp property matches
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 20:56:58 +0800
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Hi Daniel,

>> Would you be interested in making a patch for the docs, or would you rather
>> leave that to someone else?
> Actually I want to do that. I had an idea to add a node (in org)
> “reminding” people that all mentions of regex refer to elisp regex,
> which could be different than what people usually know (PCRE) and point
> them toward the elisp regex node. I think this point can confuse non
> technical people when they are starting to use orgmode and there should
> be a mention in the org manual. Most notably are the alternation \|
> instead of | and ... grouping instead of (…).

That sounds like it would be most useful! I look forward to seeing your patch 😀.

All the best,

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