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Re: frustrations

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Re: frustrations
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2021 16:43:41 +0100
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Timothy <tecosaur@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Jan,
> Not that I’m unsympathetic to your issues, however I must say that your email
> seems to have little to do with Org, and this *is* the Org mailing list.
> Perhaps you would be better served by something like emacs.stackexchange.com.
> Jan Ulrich Hasecke <juh+org-mode@mailbox.org> writes:
>> Hi all,
>> after happily using straight for quite a while I am currently frustrated by a
>> couple of problems.
>> In a different thread I asked about exporting citations, which does not
>> work for me at all.
>> Today I discovered that pamparam does not work anymore with an error
>> message mentioned here:
>> <https://github.com/nobiot/org-transclusion/issues/105>
>> Even to get to this error, as pamparam didn’t start at all, I had to
>> manually fix something in worf.el
>> <https://github.com/leotaku/worf/commit/38e901d3888e3a245a5cba14a061bffa1c5fd20b>
>> If I understand correctly, straight uses the bleeding of packages from
>> github. Maybe this is not what I want. Maybe in the past I just was
>> lucky not to hit a bug or an incompatible change.

I don't think luck is not something you should count on. :)

Don't use straight and bleeding edge repositories with branches and what
not. It's a recipe for spaghetti setup and hard to find bugs.

Built-in package.el + elpa/melpa/nelpa should give you stable setup.

>> There are some more issues. Startup time of my emacs is more than 30
>> seconds even after optimizing something with esup. I have 10.000+ files
>> in my org-roam and fear that I hit some limitation either of org-roam or
>> my hardware.

No idea how you managed to collect 10.000+ notes and what not, but if you are
trying to read them in all at startup, or even index them at startup, it is
going to reflect on the startup time. I don't know what you do, or not, but if
something like that is happening, you should find some solution to the problem,
like index files offline or something else.

30 secs for Emacs startup sounds like a lot even for slowest hardware. My Emacs
on my "fast" gnu/Linux start up in 0.3 seconds, and on very slow old laptop we
have in ~3 seconds, with exact same setup. 

>> How do you configure your emacs using current versions like org 9.5 but
>> at the same time avoiding problems with incompatible packages or newly
>> introduced bugs?
We don't use "bleeding edge" repositories and custom branches.

>> In a few days I’ll get a new computer and I have serious doubt whether
>> to copy my settings.org to the new one, because there are too many
>> problems in the last couple of weeks.
>> Any hints?

For the speed, lazy-evaluate everything at startup; i.e. load things "on
demand", when they are asked for.

'with-eval-after-load' and mode hooks are your friends. There is no need for
neither straight, use-package and/or general.el if you use it too. If you don't
know how to use those properly, so please read about those in the manual that
comes with your Emacs.

Just properly use with-eval-after-load and mode hooks, and you'll be ok.

Also, this question is probably better asked on Reddit, SX, or
help-gnu-emacs@gnu.org than in this list.

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