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Re: [ANN] An Org parser for Julia

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: [ANN] An Org parser for Julia
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2021 19:13:48 +0800

Timothy <tecosaur@gmail.com> writes:

> I’ve actually had a brief look at my performance using my Emacs config file
> (which is ~10k lines). On this, my parser is about ~5x faster than 
> org-element.
> On a smaller file like the project’s readme it’s closer to ~10x faster. I’ve
> also noticed that I can multithread the parsing, which produces a ~9x speedup 
> on
> my computer. So, that would be ~40-90x faster than org-element. I have yet to 
> do
> much profiling/benchmarking/optimisation though, I’m still in the “feature
> adding” phase. This means that it could well slow down as I add more for it to
> recognise, but there are probably also unrealised potential performance
> improvements.

I am wondering how you did the benchmark.
I just tried the following on my config.org

cd path/to/OrgMode.jl
push!(LOAD_PATH, pwd())
using OrgMode
orgfile = open("/home/yantar92/Git/emacs-config/config.org")
textorgfile = read(orgfile, String)
parse(Org, textorgfile)

The config.org is about 18k lines, but I did not manage to wait enough
for the parser to return.

Multithread looks promising though.

Also, the tests I mentioned are with my latest commit for
org-element-parse-buffer and on native-compiled Emacs.

>> Maybe we should implement a Elisp LSP server instead of many individual
>> parsers in different languages?
> For the sake of tools that operate on Org files, not just the Org editing
> experience, I think it’s quite good if we have a selection of /good/ parsers
> available for different languages. However, I also think an LSP server would 
> be
> good. That’s why I have <https://github.com/tecosaur/org-lsp>, even if I 
> haven’t
> spent anywhere near as much time on it as I would like (it’s barely a skeleton
> at the moment).

Thanks for reminding about this. I have seen it, forgot it, and now
reinvent the idea :D.

Also, it would be great to have a unified test set to verify third-party
parsers and org-element parser.

>> tree-sitter vs. org-element on 15M Org file
> Might you have a link to this file? I’d be interested to try it.

That's my personal notes file. I can test it for you if you give me the


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