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Re: Formal syntax for org-cite

From: Timothy
Subject: Re: Formal syntax for org-cite
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2021 20:13:41 +0800
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Hi Nicolas, Tom,

I just thought I’d do a little test to see what markup citations accept with
org-element, and I’m not quite sure what to make of the results. I’d appreciate
hearing your thoughts on the example below.

Let’s look at a strange citation.

│ [cite: @key *bold* text @@org:hey@@ and /italic/ and {{{macro()}}} and [fn:3] 
│ <<target>> <2021-12-02 Thu> \latex and \alpha and a statscookie [3/7] 
│ s^{up} and s_{ub}]

Examining the interpretation of this citation with `org-element', the following
inline elements / objects are recognised.
⁃ bold/italic/etc. (text markup elements)
⁃ latex fragment
⁃ super/subscript
but most of the non-markup elements are not.
⁃ Export snippet
⁃ macro
⁃ footnote
⁃ target
⁃ timestamp
⁃ statistics cookie
⁃ inline source code

All the best,

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