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Re: Org-syntax: Intra-word markup

From: Juan Manuel Macías
Subject: Re: Org-syntax: Intra-word markup
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2021 19:34:52 +0000

Hi Nicolas and all,

Nicolas Goaziou writes:

> I find zero-with spaces solution much more elegant. It also doesn't
> change current syntax, which is a big advantage.

I agree that zero width spaces work fine as a solution, but I think they
should not be understood as part of the syntax but as a punctual
(temporal?) remedy to certain scenarios. As mentioned before, in LaTeX
zero width spaces can produce unexpected effects and modify the final
form of the text (at least in luatex). I also don't know if it would be
useful to remove all zero width spaces in the export process, because in
some cases the user may want to keep them, as I think Maxim commented in
a previous message.

As for the solution of using complementary marks ("//...//", etc.), I
think it would undermine consistency, as those marks would only be to
fix exceptions.

It's a tricky subject...

Best regards,

Juan Manuel 

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