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Re: Some commentary on the Org Syntax document

From: Timothy
Subject: Re: Some commentary on the Org Syntax document
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2021 16:09:56 +0800
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Hi Ihor,

> This sounds reasonable. We can change
> [snip]

πŸ‘ I’ll make a note in my draft then.

>>> [Comments on headings and sections]
>> This accords with my reading of the document and the way I’ve implemented 
>> things
>> in OrgMode.jl (see 
>> <https://github.com/tecosaur/OrgMode.jl/blob/main/src/types/sections.jl>).
> One small clarification. The headline structure is actually
> (headline (optional whitespace) (optional section) (optional repeat 
> nester-headlines))

You may be happy to hear that your example seems to be interpreted correctly by
OrgMode.jl, here’s the parse tree:

β”‚ Org Parse Tree
β”‚     Heading (This is a headline _without_ section, even though it contains 
some newlines) (empty)
β”‚     Heading (Another headline)
β”‚         Section
β”‚             Paragraph
β”‚                 TextPlain
β”‚     Heading (Next headline) (empty)

All the best,

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