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Re: Org-syntax: Intra-word markup

From: Timothy
Subject: Re: Org-syntax: Intra-word markup
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2021 03:04:57 +0800
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Hi Tom,

> After a bunch of rambling (see below if interested), I think I have
> a solution that should work for everyone. The key realization is that
> what we really want is the ability to have a “parse me separately”
> type of syntax. This meets the intra-word syntax needs and might
> meet some other needs as well.
> The solution is to make  “parse me separately”
> block! It nearly works that way already too! To minimize typing
> we could have @@:…@@ the empty type default to org.
> Thoughts?

This isn’t quite as succinct as the ascii-doc inspired suggestions, but it’s
barely an extension on the current syntax — I like it!

Since org is a valid export backend though, perhaps this behaviour should be
reserved for @@:…@@, i.e. no export backend, which I think semantically fits
fairly nicely.

All the best,

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