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Re: Patch to align baseline of latex fragments and surrounding text

From: Matt Huszagh
Subject: Re: Patch to align baseline of latex fragments and surrounding text
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2021 14:18:40 -0800

Sébastien Miquel <sebastien.miquel@posteo.eu> writes:

> This looks great indeed but I've failed to reproduce in my
> environment.

Thanks for testing this Sébastien.

> I couldn't get ~org--match-text-baseline-ascent~ to compute the
> ascent : the ~xml-get-attribute~ call returns
>   : ("-16.945024" "12.153473" "16.148855" "8.064997")
> which gives an ascent < -100, and the code then defaults to 'center.

I'd need to know more about your setup for generating latex
fragments. Did you follow all the directions in
org--match-text-baseline-ascent? How is your org-format-latex-header
set? In particular, are you using \documentclass[preview]{standalone}?
If you can provide me with the TeX file used to generate the fragment,
as well as the SVG file you get as a result, that would be helpful too.

> The options described in your =my-dvisvgm= seem outdated, you can
> check the latest default value of =dvisvgm= : =use-xcolor= is
> deprecated and a =:image-size-adjust= property is provided for the
> images to be sized properly. Are the arguments =--no-fonts= and
> =--exact-bbox= necessary ?

Hm, I'm not actually sure why I put use-xcolor in there, but it isn't
necessary. I've removed it in the updated patch (attached).

:image-size-adjust isn't necessary, I just mentioned it to point out
that baseline alignment works regardless of the size of a latex fragment
(I have another open PR that allows setting the size of fragments in a
context dependent way, which can be used for instance, to keep fragments
size-aligned to the surrounding text). I expect using the scale
parameter in org-format-latex-options will work similarly, but I'll

--no-fonts is the same as -n. The --exact-bbox flag is necessary to
avoid cropping in certain cases (see
https://github.com/mgieseki/dvisvgm/issues/8). You're free to use
--bbox=min, but your glyphs may be cut off in places and this may affect
the baseline location too, though I haven't tested it.

> If there are no drawbacks, perhaps this behaviour should be the
> default. Otherwise, it should at least be easier to toggle.

I didn't attempt to make this the default because it requires a specific
setup, which is also different from the current default setup in other
respects. Most importantly, it requires using the standalone document
class, though I believe article is used at the moment.

> Can something similar be done with =dvipng= ?

Unfortunately I don't think so. This code isn't doing anything fancy; it
has no way of computing the text baseline from some arbitrary image file
displaying text. Instead, it relies on some other tool providing this
information inside the image file. In this case, standalone encodes this
information in the viewbox of the SVG file.


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