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[BUG] org-html-mathjax-options docstring [9.5.1 (release_9.5.1-11-g96d91

From: Y . E .
Subject: [BUG] org-html-mathjax-options docstring [9.5.1 (release_9.5.1-11-g96d91b @ /emacs-28.0.90/lisp/org/)]
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2021 14:14:10 +0200


It seems the docstring of org-html-mathjax-options may need to be

I tried setting 'autonumber' to "None", as the docstring suggests, but
only the lower-cased "none" worked fine.

Also, MathJax documentation for 2.7 (the version I've got HTML rendered
with by org-mode) mentions "AMS", not "AMS Math"

Another option that needs attention is 'indent'. The docstring contains
the phrase 'Valid values are "left" and "right"'. This phrase should be
changed to something like 'An example of a valid value is "2em"' or
simply removed, I think.

I didn't look into all the rest of this option documented elements, so
others might need some attention too.


Emacs : GNU Emacs 28.0.90 (build 1, x86_64-apple-darwin21.1.0, NS
 appkit-2113.00 Version 12.0.1 (Build 21A559)) of 2021-12-03 Package:
 Org mode version 9.5.1 (release_9.5.1-11-g96d91b @

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