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Re: Removing obsolete function `org-truely-invisible-p'.

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: Removing obsolete function `org-truely-invisible-p'.
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2021 17:14:32 +0800

Karl Fogel <kfogel@red-bean.com> writes:

> Should we just remove `org-truely-invisible-p'?  Or at least 
> correct the spelling of its name ("truely" should be "truly")?

I feel slightly reluctant about removal. If nothing, this function can
be a reminder about visible-mode and keeping it has little downside.
Though if others think that removing would be better, I would also be
fine with it.

Renaming sounds reasonable. Just need to define obsolete alias for the
old name in org-compat.el.

Could you prepare a patch? Having a patch may encourage more feedback.


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