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Re: Report error in scheme evaluation

From: Felipe Lema
Subject: Re: Report error in scheme evaluation
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2021 02:27:57 -0300

On Tuesday, 21 December 2021 20.07.01 -03 Rudolf Adamkovič wrote:
> Felipe Lema <felipelema@mortemale.org> writes:
> > Sup, y'all
> >
> > I started using guile with Org Babel […]
> Sup! I plan to write some literate Scheme soon as well.  How do you find
> the experience so far?  As of today, I use 'scheme-mode' with a set of
> TAGS files for completion and help, all based on my (incomplete) notes
> about R7RS.  Org requires Geiser to run Scheme, from what I gather.
> Also, do Org bugs cause any issues when writing literate Scheme?  Thanks
> in advance for any insights.  Cheers!
> Rudy
Hey, Rudy

I think this was not clear, but just in case: this patch is not a bugfix. I 
just thought having an error buffer just like with Python is a good idea 
(specially since I'm relatively new to Guile). I also believe that fine-tuning 
a workflow with libre softweare through can be considered an improvement and, 
thus, should be shared for others to use.

For anyone interested about my Org + Babel + GNU Guile flow, read below.

I think the experience is good if you're not picky. This is my opinion for 
Emacs workflows in general. At the same time, I'd say it takes some resources 
(mainly time) to get things running comfortably.

Some context ahead. I'm using Org for Get Things Done workflows in which I 
basically log a shell session (you may think of it as data processing on text 
files too: grep, awk sed... but logged and reproducible). Because of my 
everyday job, I need to switch context several times within a week and I find 
it helpful to use Org for two reasons: 1) When I write stuff myself (describing 
stuff in Org file) I find it easier to remember 2) If I cannot remember, I can 
grep for similar text / tags.

I'm trying GNU Guile as scripting language because... well, for one, that is 
its purpose. And two, because I've mostly discarded other languages as being 
too costly (too slow, too much needs to be done...).

I'd say that geiser transforms Emacs into a full blown IDE: code completion, 
documentation, symbol/tag search... you name it. This also applies to Org when 
you edit the source code using C-c C-c, so that helps a ton with learning the 

Hope this helps. You can contact me privately if you want to follow up.


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