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Re: [PATCH] ob-maxima.el: Fix execution on MS Windows

From: Nikolay Kudryavtsev
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ob-maxima.el: Fix execution on MS Windows
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2021 21:37:02 +0300
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If your temporary-file-directory is something like "/tmp/apostrophe'", it would not work currently either. So apostrophe is a very special case here.

As for possible evaluation within the double quotes, while this is theoretically possible, user sort of has to go out of his way to trigger it, so the question is whether we should introduce any platform-specific code to mitigate such an obscure case? Then we are also limited by Maxima itself since it has to be able to read that path too and it's very picky when it comes to file paths.

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