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A couple of `org-priority' fixes

From: Alex Giorev
Subject: A couple of `org-priority' fixes
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2022 01:05:32 +0200

I found a couple of problems in org-priority, I think these patches fix them.
- The first patch is truly minor, it just adds a bit to the docstring
- The problem which prompted the second patch arises when all priorities are lowercase (you can test this by evaluating (setq org-priority-highest ?a org-priority-lowest ?z org-priority-default ?o) and then trying to set the priority to some lowercase letter)
- The problem solved by the third patch arises when numerical priorities are used and 32 is given as the argument, 32 being the character code of the space character, because that character is used to signal property removal.

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