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Suggestion about org-num

From: Ypo
Subject: Suggestion about org-num
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2022 13:45:47 +0100
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I am not sure if this is the proper place to make this suggestion, and I know you are working hard, but there is a thing about org-num-mode that I miss since day 1.

To be a better asset in reading or studying directly from org-mode, I think it could be a good addition the numbered headlines to be positively determined. Now they can just be excluded (UNNUMBERED or skipped), one by one.

For example, it would be helpful to use a PROPERTY like "NUMBERED" that would make org-num-mode to affect just to the desired headlines and sub-headlines (inheritance is a good thing). Or if there is a narrowed headline to get numbered just what is on the screen.

Problem: Now when I read some of my notes, I get things like this: Where just the 12.1 would be useful to the reading (chapter 12, point 1), since the 22.81 is from unrelated notes to the studying.

This happens too with book notes: the numbering of the headlines could even be the same than the numbering of the chapters of the book.

Best regards,

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