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Re: Suggestion: convert dispatchers to use transient

From: Anders Johansson
Subject: Re: Suggestion: convert dispatchers to use transient
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2022 16:37:05 +0100

I agree that transient dispatchers would be great and consistent. What is not 
so great with transient currently is it’s lacking support for 
lisp-variable/option workflows. Transient is good for command-line arguments, 
but setting options for emacs functions is not as streamlined (this would be 
relevant for the export dispatcher for example). 

Some new classes for these types of options would probably need to be defined, 
since the default infix-classes assume all options are strings.

I recently did try to implement a transient dispatcher this for my orgqda 

Partly inspired by org-ql:

I now store the options as plists in buffer-local-variables, which I am not 
sure is optimal and perhaps goes against the idea of saving options with 
transient. So still some work to do there.

By the way. Getting started with transient is way easier with this tutorial 
than with the rather abstract info pages:

Anders Johansson

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