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Dynamic block match fails on checkbox columns

From: Daniel J. Sinder
Subject: Dynamic block match fails on checkbox columns
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2022 23:19:50 -0800

I'm trying to use a dynamic block with :match to filter columnview for a checkbox column.  However, the match is failing.   Based on some variations that do work (described below the example), it seems the closing square bracket may be the problem.

Here's a minimal example:
* Things
  :ID:       Things
  :CHKBOX_ALL: "[ ]" "[X]"
*** One Thing
    :CHKBOX:   [X]
*** Another Thing
    :CHKBOX:   [ ]

* Dynamic Block
  #+BEGIN: columnview :id Things :match "CHKBOX=\"[X]\""

If I use curly braces for CHKBOX_ALL (i.e., "{ }" "{X}") instead of square braces, it works fine (of course, I have to also use :match "CHKBOX=\"{X}\"").  But then the SUMMARY-TYPE in the COLUMNS definition doesn't work.  The match (but not the summary) also works if I remove just the closing square bracket from the CHKBOX properties and the :match string.  FWIW, the match also fails for the case of searching for unchecked items (i.e., :match "CHKBOX=\"[ ]\"").

Emacs version:  27.2
Org version: 9.4.4


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