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Pandoc and nested emhases

From: Juan Manuel Macías
Subject: Pandoc and nested emhases
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 00:47:18 +0000

Hi all,

Sorry in advance if this may sound too trivial, imprecise or naive: it's
just for my curiosity, as I've recently been doing some tests with Pandoc
and I've seen something that has caught my attention.

It is known that LaTeX-style nested emphases of the same category are
not possible in Org. For example, the following string does not export
to LaTeX as expected:

#+begin_src org :results latex replace
/lorem /ipsum/ dolor/

#+begin_export latex
\emph{lorem /ipsum} dolor/

Otherwise, if you export to LaTeX with pandoc (v. 2.14.2), the result is
(to my surprise) correct:

#+begin_src sh :results latex
str="/lorem /ipsum/ dolor/" 
pandoc -f org -t latex <<< $str

#+begin_export latex
\emph{lorem \emph{ipsum} dolor}

If memory serves me, I think this was not possible before with Pandoc
(neither from Org nor from Markdown, but I insist that I don't know if
my memory is failing me too much :-)).

Anyway, I wonder if it would be possible for Org to somehow implement
some Pandoc procedure to be able to export nested emphases of the same

Another (more abstract) doubt that arises, although I am not an expert
in matters of grammar and specifications. If nested emphases of the same
category are not possible in Org, should this be understood as a bug or
a feature? What implication does it have if a external parser, like
Pandoc, parses them just "fine"?

Best regards,

Juan Manuel

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