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Re: [PATCH] c-csl : accept relative CSL filenames

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: Re: [PATCH] c-csl : accept relative CSL filenames
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 09:51:32 -0500

Hello Nicolas,

> Since you are probably busy, I implemented this on your behalf. The new
> behaviour is in main branch. Thank you.

Can this commit[1] be merged into the main branch. Locally on my
machine, I use org built from main and something like this was working

#+cite_export: csl cite/csl/ieee.csl

Here, "csl cite/csl/ieee.csl" is the csl path relative to the Org file.

But when the same ran on a CI where the stable Org version is used, it
failed with this error:

> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (user-error "Cannot handle relative style file 
> name: "cite/csl/...")
> signal(user-error ("Cannot handle relative style file name: "cite/csl/..."))
> user-error("Cannot handle relative style file name: %S" "cite/csl/ieee.csl")

I believe the behavior I see with this commit on main branch is kind
of obvious and it should prevent this surprise failure for other users

This is my current workaround for the Org stable version:

#+cite_export: csl ieee.csl

# Local Variables:
# org-cite-csl-styles-dir: "./cite/csl/"
# End:

This works for both main and bugfix, but while doing this, I realized
that even string values are not considered safe for this variable.

Looking through git revisions, I found

Earlier `:safe t' was added for `org-cite-csl-styles-dir'. Instead can
we have `:safe #'string-or-null-p' as suggested by Glenn Morris in
that commit?



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