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Re: [BUG] Child's visibility property is overridden by parent's [9.5.2 (

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: [BUG] Child's visibility property is overridden by parent's [9.5.2 (9.5.2-gbc8c3e @ /home/john/.emacs.d/straight/build/org/)
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2022 23:07:46 +0800

John Mathena <jmmathena@gmail.com> writes:


> It seems like the visibility property on a parent heading overrides
> the visibility property on a child heading - is this expected? e.g.
> when I have the raw text:
> * Foo
> :VISIBILITY: content
> :END:
> ** Bar
> :VISIBILITY: folded
> :END:
> *** Baz
> ... I would expect (and would like) to see
> * Foo...
>  * Bar...
> that is, where Foo shows only the content below it, and Bar has all of
> its children folded. Instead, I get
> * Foo...
>  * Bar...
>   * Baz...

The behaviour you observe is because
org-cycle-set-visibility-according-to-property explicitly ignores all
the VISIBILITY properties in all the descendent headings of a heading
with VISIBILITY property. i.e. VISIBILITY property of Bar is ignored
when its ancestor Foo has VISIBILITY property.

This behaviour is not documented in the manual:

>>    Furthermore, any entries with a ‘VISIBILITY’ property (see *note
>> Properties and Columns::) get their visibility adapted accordingly.
>> Allowed values for this property are ‘folded’, ‘children’, ‘content’,
>> and ‘all’.

I would say that the existing behaviour is a confusing and might be
considered as a bug. However, it may not always be straightforward how
to deal with different combinations of VISIBILITY setting for
ancestor/descendent headings. Consider the following example:

* Foo
** Bar
:VISIBILITY: content
*** Baz

Foo is supposed to be folded, but it is unclear how to process Bar.
Should Bar's contents be visible? Should it be folded?


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