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ConTeXt exporter makes me happy

From: juh
Subject: ConTeXt exporter makes me happy
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2022 20:12:56 +0100

Dear org-mode developers,
dear Jason,

thanks a lot for org-mode and the ConTeXt exporter.

With your help, in the last few months I setup a complete authoring and
publishing environment for my needs with org-mode and ox-context. I
collect my thoughts with org-roam, outline and write my texts with Emacs
and org-mode and typeset my books with ConTeXt. Perfect match!

ConTeXt is a wonderful tool to typeset books. It is much more flexible
than LaTeX and very powerful.

Before ox-context my authoring and publishing setup was a combination of
Markdown, Pandoc and ConTeXt. It was quite perfect and handsome. The
only drawback of this setup is the break between my Zettelkasten
(org-roam) and my publishing tools.

So, I am very happy that ox-context is there and is continually
improved.  The possibility to export to ConTeXt is a good reason to
learn more facets of org-mode which is quite a big beast.


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