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Beginning with org-babel.

From: Steven Harris
Subject: Beginning with org-babel.
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2022 12:20:03 +1100

Hi All

Ansible is a system configuration-management tool that is based on "playbooks".  These are collections of mostly YAML files, but also Jinja2 templates and unix configuration files.  To execute one needs to run a unix shell command with a python virtualenv set up and usually some environment variables set.

Painfully much of this lives fragmented in a nested directory structure, many of the files in which are named "main.yml".   Sometimes  the same information has to be set in two places with incompatible formats , such as a config file and an environment variable.

I am trying to bring some literate programming to bear on this can of worms so have reached for Babel.  It's my first use of it.

The current problem is that I have a config file that I want to substitute a value into.  I want the conf-mode highlighting.  Conf is not a programming language of course, just a text format.

I'm trying something like

#+begin_src conf :tangle yes :noweb yes
  private_key_file = <<ssh_private_key_file>>

I have tried something similar to the SQL comment example in the documentation to no avail and also setting :var headers. How can I substitute a value here?



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