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Re: Communication problems and possible problems with the website

From: c . buhtz
Subject: Re: Communication problems and possible problems with the website
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2022 12:48:17 +0000

Am 25.02.2022 13:30 schrieb Ihor Radchenko:
If you think that the current wording is confusing, please point out
which parts. We are pretty much blind here on the potential issues for
the newcomers (for obvious reason - we are too familiar with Org).
Pointing to the confusing parts would help a lot.

The text in the buffer after M-x org-submit-bugreport says in the first line "You are about to submit a bug report to the Org mailing list". This does not explain how this is done. As a (very fresh not Emacs familiar) user I wouldn't assume that I have to setup my Emacs as a mail client in that case. I would assume that there is some magic in behind. ;)

Just write something like "Make sure your Emacs is setup to send emails or copy and paste the resulting buffer into an Email client of your choice."

It is unclear where the repositories for the source code and the code of the website are. If I had found them I would have created a PR/patch for

This is confusing. If you go to orgmode.org, the git link is in the front
page. Also, orgmode.org -> Install will bring you to the relevant page
of the manual, which provides all possible installation options
including cloning the official git repo.

But the front-page and the Install are not the place where I would expect infos like that. Repos are for contributers not for users. Users are reading "Install" and sometimes the front-page. I have not read the front-page but clicked on contribute. In contribute the git thing is explained in "Details on how to submit patches" but there is a repo url missing.

Similarly, https://orgmode.org/worg/ has the links to its code in the
first heading:

Worg documentation on your machine
git clone https://git.sr.ht/~bzg/worg

Definitly my fault.

btw: I would suggest to create links or mirror repos on your GitHub page.

Do you recall the urls where you tried to search for the source code?

I searched behind the GitHub link (right top corner of the website) first. I searched around on savannah but still have problems with the interface; which is another topic.

The point is that the users have to search (e.g. DuckDuckGo) because the links to the repo or to description that there is no public repo are not at the usual (compared to most of the other FOSS projects) places.

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