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Re: Communication problems and possible problems with the website

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: Communication problems and possible problems with the website
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2022 22:18:02 +0800

c.buhtz@posteo.jp writes:

> The text in the buffer after M-x org-submit-bugreport says in the first 
> line "You are about to submit a bug report to the Org mailing list".
> This does not explain how this is done. As a (very fresh not Emacs 
> familiar) user I wouldn't assume that I have to setup my Emacs as a mail 
> client in that case. I would assume that there is some magic in behind. 
> ;)
> Just write something like "Make sure your Emacs is setup to send emails 
> or copy and paste the resulting buffer into an Email client of your 
> choice."

Thanks! This makes sense. We should probably modify
org-submit-bug-report docstring, the prompts, and the email template.

>>> It is unclear where the repositories for the source code and the code 
>>> of
>>> the website are. If I had found them I would have created a PR/patch 
>>> for
>>> 2.
>> This is confusing. If you go to orgmode.org, the git link is in the 
>> front
>> page. Also, orgmode.org -> Install will bring you to the relevant page
>> of the manual, which provides all possible installation options
>> including cloning the official git repo.
> But the front-page and the Install are not the place where I would 
> expect infos like that. Repos are for contributers not for users.
> Users are reading "Install" and sometimes the front-page. I have not 
> read the front-page but clicked on contribute.
> In contribute the git thing is explained in "Details on how to submit 
> patches" but there is a repo url missing.

Fair point. We need someone to make a patch for
https://orgmode.org/worg/org-contribute.html Probably adding the git
repo links to Org mode, WORG, and the orgmode.org website:
git clone git://git.sv.gnu.org/emacs/org-mode.git
git clone https://git.sr.ht/~bzg/worg
git clone https://git.sr.ht/~bzg/orgweb

>> Similarly, https://orgmode.org/worg/ has the links to its code in the
>> first heading:
>>>> Worg documentation on your machine
>>>> git clone https://git.sr.ht/~bzg/worg
> Definitly my fault.
> btw: I would suggest to create links or mirror repos on your GitHub 
> page.

Org has no official GitHub page. This is partially a requirement from
Free Software Foundation:

I think that we might create some kind of mirror given that it is only
used as means to redirect users to this mailing list, but we will need
(1) have a volunteer ready to accept github legal terms and take care
about the mirror; (2) consult FSF. I would like to hear opinions from
other contributors on this idea.

>> Do you recall the urls where you tried to search for the source code?
> I searched behind the GitHub link (right top corner of the website) 
> first.
> I searched around on savannah but still have problems with the 
> interface; which is another topic.
> The point is that the users have to search (e.g. DuckDuckGo) because the 
> links to the repo or to description that there is no public repo are not 
> at the usual (compared to most of the other FOSS projects) places.

I understand your concern. We may probably add a link to "Contribute"
page as a "git" image in the top right corner. (and maybe rename
"Contribute" to "Feedback"). Alternative suggestions are also welcome. I
will let Timothy/Bastien decide on this.

Also, for some context (I do not imply that we should not update the
website to make it more familiar to users).

Org mode was

>> Created by Carsten Dominik in 2003, maintained by Bastien Guerry and
>> developed by many others.

while Github was

>>  Launched    April 10, 2008; 13 years ago



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