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Re: ox-publish: no HTML output but no errors

From: Max Nikulin
Subject: Re: ox-publish: no HTML output but no errors
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2022 23:02:52 +0700
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On 25/02/2022 21:14, c.buhtz@posteo.jp wrote:

I tried to use ox-publish to create HTML files out of my org files [ ... ]

The output directory is empty but I also do not have a valuable error output. On that point I did not know where to go.

[ ... ]

 39 user-error: Unable to resolve link: "c6693020-d065-4d4f-8be8-650c66eee3e6"

I have round about 50 org files in my archive. There is one error about a dead link. But this should be no problem. Dead links are OK for me and also a "valid content" in the context of a Zettelkasten. A dead link is not a reason to stop the whole process.

Some users may consider a broken link as a fatal error. If you need different behavior, you can get it. See info "(org) Export Settings" https://orgmode.org/manual/Export-Settings.html for "broken-links".

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