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Re: Inconsistent handling of multi-line properties

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: Re: Inconsistent handling of multi-line properties
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2022 15:34:12 -0500

On Sat, Oct 2, 2021 at 11:03 AM Hanno Perrey <hanno@hoowl.se> wrote:
> Hej,
> I have noticed that properties that stretch over multiple lines using
> the :value+: syntax are ignored by org-element-property and therefore
> also by e.g. org-export-get-node-property when exporting to ics via
> ox-icalendar.el (see example below). I was wondering now whether this is
> intentional and to be expected or a bug?

I use the :value+: syntax for the subtree properties regularly. For
exports, though, you need to prefix the properties with EXPORT_.

See the (org) Export Settings node in Org manual.

> When exporting sub-trees, special node properties can override the
above keywords.  These properties have an ‘EXPORT_’ prefix.  For
example, ‘DATE’ becomes, ‘EXPORT_DATE’ when used for a specific
sub-tree.  Except for ‘SETUPFILE’, all other keywords listed above have
an ‘EXPORT_’ equivalent.

Here's one of the pathogenic test cases of ox-hugo:

** Custom front matter in multiple lines
:EXPORT_FILE_NAME: custom-front-matter-multiple-lines
:EXPORT_DATE: 2017-07-24

All the HUGO_CUSTOM_FRONT_MATTER properties get collected as expected.

Here's another example:

#+options: toc:nil
* Heading
:EXPORT_AUTHOR+: ghi jkl
:EXPORT_AUTHOR+: kmo pqr

C-c C-e C-s t A exports to:



                        abc def ghi jkl kmo pqr


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