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Re: quotation marks in table cell vs. org-babel-ref-resolve

From: Greg Minshall
Subject: Re: quotation marks in table cell vs. org-babel-ref-resolve
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2022 16:20:42 -0800

i have a problem similar to this from a few months ago.  in this case,
it seems to be when trying to pass a column with a quoted-string inside
of it.  (this is on the "bugfix" branch.)  my e-lisp code seems to get
just the initial part of the string from the cell with "odd" contents.

#+name: xl
| this, "he said" | is where, | "you go in" there |

#+begin_src elisp :var xl=xl
  (message "%S" xl)

when i execute this, *Messages* says
(("this, \"he said\"" "is where," "you go in"))
Code block evaluation complete.
(my complaint: there's no there there. :)

in December, when i reported something similar, Tim pushed back, and
maybe i should elaborate:

> The key question is what is the use case for having this 'mixed'
> content in a table cell?

for better or worse, i most often use org-mode tables as (storage and
data entry mechanisms for) simple data bases.  other than the pipe
symbol ('|'), i assume i can put "anything" in a cell, and extract it
later.  i find this very valuable.

normally, i pass such tables to some R code (this example, btw, breaks
passing to R code).  but occasionally i do other things with them.

the behavior i'm seeing seems to me inconsistent, indicating it is maybe
not intentional.  exporting, for example, at least to html. i see the
full contents of the third column.

cheers, Greg

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