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How do you manage complex project with Org-mode

From: Sébastien Gendre
Subject: How do you manage complex project with Org-mode
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2022 02:43:47 +0100
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I don't know if it's the correct place to ask it. If not, sorry to ask in
the wrong place.

How do you manage complex project with Org-mode ?

I used Org-mode for several periods of time in recent years. It worked
very well for short and day to day tasks. When only a few of theme have
deadlines and when you have plenty of time to do them.

But, as a student, I regularly have big and important projects to do for
the school. The kind of project who need several days to be done, with
deadlines too soon, and if you fail one them the consequences can be
disastrous. And generally, I have to many of these project in the same
time and not enough time to do all the work. So, I also need to follow
the progress of each project to choose which is sufficiently advanced to
be stop for the benefit of another less advanced project.

And I don't know how to manage this kind of projects with Org-mode. How
to do it, without failing a 6 days project because I spent to much time
on something else and I have only 3 days left with 3 half-day important
appointment I cannot cancel. I can't risk failing a single one of these
project by trying. So, when I am in a period with a lot of these
projects, I stop using Org-mode and concentrate on doing these project
as fast as I can. And because I often have this kind of project, I spend
most of the year without being able to use Org-mode.

So, if you have any suggestion on how to manage, in Org-mode, projects
* Lot of work to do (many days)
* Short deadline (not enough time)
* High importance (disastrous consequences in my future in case of fail)
* Many of them in the same time
* Progression need to be followed to chose where to sacrifice time to
  limit the damages

I will be happy to read them. :)

Best regards


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