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Re: How do you manage complex project with Org-mode

From: Matt
Subject: Re: How do you manage complex project with Org-mode
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2022 23:03:17 -0500
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 ---- On Mon, 28 Feb 2022 20:43:47 -0500 S├ębastien Gendre <seb@k-7.ch> wrote 

 > And I don't know how to manage this kind of projects with Org-mode. How
 > to do it, without failing a 6 days project because I spent to much time
 > on something else and I have only 3 days left with 3 half-day important
 > appointment I cannot cancel. I can't risk failing a single one of these
 > project by trying. So, when I am in a period with a lot of these
 > projects, I stop using Org-mode and concentrate on doing these project
 > as fast as I can. And because I often have this kind of project, I spend
 > most of the year without being able to use Org-mode.

It sounds like you have a lot going on!  If none of what you need to do 
explicitly requires Org, you may have to scale back what you learn about Org to 
fit the time you've got. Give yourself permission to accept that the time you 
have right now for Org isn't what you want. (I hope that's because you're 
learning lots of other cool things in school.)  In situations like these, I 
like to do just a little each day. Maybe that means reading one paragraph a 
night before bed.  It sounds like you're really excited about Org.  (If you 
are, you've come to the right place. The people here love Org :) Reading about 
Org would be something fun to look forward to each night. You might be 
surprised at how motivating that one little paragraph can be! Working through 
the manual in this way will give you a good overview of how Org can be used and 
what you personally might use Org it for.

 > So, if you have any suggestion on how to manage, in Org-mode, projects
 > with:
 > * Lot of work to do (many days)
 > * Short deadline (not enough time)
 > * High importance (disastrous consequences in my future in case of fail)
 > * Many of them in the same time
 > * Progression need to be followed to chose where to sacrifice time to
 >   limit the damages
 > I will be happy to read them. :)

My suggestion is to not try something new on anything that has a tight 
deadline. Org is new to you and learning things takes time. This is all normal. 
Life will throw a lot at you.  Some times all I get is 20 minutes at the end of 
the day.  Some days, I get nothing at all. This is because I've filled my life 
with other cool things, like a partner, a house, friends, etc. If I get to 
spend some time doing something I think is worthwhile (like trying to help a 
fellow Org enthusiast), that's time well spent in my book.

Isn't there some saying that goes like, "every avalance starts as a snowflake?" 
Read a little, experiment a little, and over time, you'll be surprised at how 
much you've learned. You'll get there!  

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