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Re: [RFC] DOCT: Declarative Org Capture Templates (easier template synta

From: No Wayman
Subject: Re: [RFC] DOCT: Declarative Org Capture Templates (easier template syntax)
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2022 20:39:25 -0400
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Nicolas Goaziou <mail@nicolasgoaziou.fr> writes:

The fact that we need a tool like "doct" to write templates in a compact form may be a sign that the data type is not good enough. Actually it
sounds like a failure somehow.

Agreed. That's why I wrote doct in the first place.
As others have expressed, there's far too many elements required to ask the user to recall what position they fall in. A plist is better in that the keys describe their values and can be specified in any order. This also makes it easier for people to share templates, because they can actually tell what the template is intended to do by looking at it.

Another thing that is confusing about "capture templates" is that the words "template" and "entry" are overloaded in the documentation. From the docstring of org-capture-templates:

Templates for the creation of new entries.
Each entry is a list with the following items:

So org-capture-templates is a "list of entries which create new entries via templates"? Confusing for me now, let alone the first time I tried to write my own templates.

doct also does more to check the validity of the template's form when it is defined. I prioritized this because the worst time to figure out your template is malformed is when you go to capture something in the middle of another, unrelated task.

Should templates definition be more compact out of the box? Could the data type be made more powerful to permit more complex templates without relying on doct? IOW, can a tool such a doct be made transparent to the

My initial idea for integrating doct with Org was to just provide a user option, e.g. org-capture-use-doct-syntax. Then the only thing needed would be a conditional in org-capture-upgrade-templates which would delegate to doct when said user option is non-nil. That would allow those who are interested in using the feature to opt-in without breaking existing templates. Then as support for older syntax is dropped, (if ever? it looks like `org-capture-upgrade-templates' dates back to early 2017, and I think it makes sense to retain such a path) those features could be moved into org-capture.

I'm open to bringing doct's features into Org mode, but I'd prefer it not to be spread out over another two years.

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