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Re: [PATCH] Add make target to ease creating reproducers and testing the

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Add make target to ease creating reproducers and testing them
Date: Sun, 01 May 2022 12:20:16 +0800

Samuel Wales <samologist@gmail.com> writes:

> coupld of questions.  first, is there accommodation for accessibility?
>  e.g. if a user needs a setting for large fonts, small window size to
> not be larger than monitor size, any emacs args, black bg.

There is REPRO_ARGS variable. It can be used to pass any extra args to
Emacs. I provided relevant example in the manual (see the patch).

As for accessibility, I doubt that we can provide something that fits
all people. Not to mention that accessibility settings themselves can
affect reproducer.

> for these reasons, and because setup of agenda etc. takes a bit of
> code, my test file is not tiny.  but maybe it is good enough to
> combine user setup with the code that triggers the issue.  for
> simplicity.  [in my case by variations i mean e.g. which version of
> emacs, which version of org, whether my .emacs is loaded.  i doubt
> this is needed, but some users might want to set such things sometimes
> for comparison.  probably simplicity should be a higher priority.]

We cannot expect users to do anything more than reporting their system,
Emacs, and Org mode versions. If desired, our Makefile provides EMACS
variable to control which Emacs executable to use.

> second, this is for which instantiations of org?  git yes, what about
> package managers?  built-in org??

This is for git and assumes that git version of Org is already
downloaded (how would you run make repro otherwise?).

For built-in Org, manual just says emacs -Q. Nothing much to simplify.
For package managers, users need to provide the load-path. Again,
details are already covered in the manual.


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