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[BUG] folding error during capture

From: Skip Collins
Subject: [BUG] folding error during capture
Date: Sun, 1 May 2022 16:51:59 -0400

Recently, I get an error message when invoking custom capture
templates like this one:
("n" "Note" entry
      (file "~/Documents/org/beorg/capture.org")
      "* %^{note} :note: %(org-set-property \"Created\"
(org-time-stamp-inactive '(16)))" :immediate-finish t)

I invoke the template from the capture dispatcher:
C-c c n

The minibuffer prompts for the note text as expected:
0    note:

But the pre-populated *Capture* window contains an error message:
*  :note: %![Error: (error Calling ‘org-fold-core-region’ with missing SPEC)]

In the recent past, I was able to invoke functions like
org-set-property in a capture template. Did the interface change?

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