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Re: [tip] Org speed commands improved

From: TRS-80
Subject: Re: [tip] Org speed commands improved
Date: Wed, 04 May 2022 18:12:54 -0400
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Juan Manuel MacĂ­as <maciaschain@posteo.net> writes:

> Hi Ihor,
> Ihor Radchenko writes:
>> If you are going this far with speed commands, you might as well switch
>> to modal editing. What you are describing is basically a modal command
>> map with ability to switch to insert map.
> I'm not a fan of modal editing, rather the opposite. But in this
> particular case I have found that I spend very little time editing the
> raw content of the headers, once I set it. I spend more time editing the
> 'meta-content': TODO states, properties, tags, refile, attached folders,
> etc. And that with the speed commands can be achieved in a very agile
> way, so that a small dose of controlled modal editing and reduced only
> to the header, maybe it's worth it :-) If the speed commands were also
> activated in the content of the sections, here we would have a real
> modal editing, and that (in my case) would not be comfortable.

I agree with your assessment!  In fact, I think I will give your
functions a try.  Thanks for sharing them!


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