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Re: Recent changes in org-fold regarding emphasize visibility

From: Daniel Fleischer
Subject: Re: Recent changes in org-fold regarding emphasize visibility
Date: Sat, 07 May 2022 09:57:55 +0300
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Ihor Radchenko [2022-05-07 Sat 12:22] wrote:

> Now, we have different kinds of hidden text at hand:
> - folded headlines/lists
> - folded drawers
> - folded blocks
> - folded links/emphasis
> The question is what should be the logical behaviour of Org when editing
> text inside or at the border of these hidden text types? How should we
> interpret the values of org-catch-invisible-edits (nil error show
> show-and-error smart)?

Hi Ihor,

Not sure we need to reinterpret the settings; roughly they cover the
different options of what to do when you edit a hidden text: edit
anyways, throw an error, unfold but do nothing, unfold and do what you
wanted to do and the only thing I don't have an intuition about is the
smart option.

BTW, there are no issues when the folding core style is "overlays". So
why not follow what happens in that case, even formalize it into tests?



Daniel Fleischer

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