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[BUG] ox-odt fails for org-id links (e.g., from org-roam v2) [9.5.2 (9.5

From: Moritz Schäfer
Subject: [BUG] ox-odt fails for org-id links (e.g., from org-roam v2) [9.5.2 (9.5.2-gfbff08 @ /home/moritz/.emacs.d/elpa/27.2/develop/org-9.5.2/)]
Date: Sun, 8 May 2022 20:39:20 +0200

Dear mailing list,

When exporting an org-file with org-id based links  to odt, I get the error error "FIXME: Unable to resolve <filename>", where <filename> is the filename, the org-id-link was pointing to.

Org-id links (example below) are the default for org-roam (v2).

[[id:5222a0dd-5084-41bd-b61d-21dcb3290187][Note title]]

The issue lies within ox-odt.el in the org-odt-link function. There, 'destination' takes the value of the file name of the id-link target. Therefore, (org-element-type destination) gets evaluated to 'plain-text, which is not resolvable by 'org-odt-link--infer-description', thus it raises the error. 

I worked around this issue by adding a check for plain-text, but would like to raise this issue here to find proper ideas on how to fix this.

              ;; workaround
     ((eq (org-element-type destination) 'plain-text)
      (format "<text:a xlink:type=\"simple\" xlink:href="">               destination
               ;; workaround end
     ((not label-reference)
      (org-odt-link--infer-description destination info))

Thank you,

Emacs  : GNU Emacs 27.2 (build 1, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.24.30, cairo version 1.16.0)
Package: Org mode version 9.5.2 (9.5.2-gfbff08 @ /home/moritz/.emacs.d/elpa/27.2/develop/org-9.5.2/)

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