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Re: Regarding arbitrary Org blocks

From: Colin Baxter
Subject: Re: Regarding arbitrary Org blocks
Date: Wed, 11 May 2022 20:06:08 +0100
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>>>>> Russell Adams <RLAdams@adamsinfoserv.com> writes:

    > On Wed, May 11, 2022 at 09:23:27PM +0300, Daniel Fleischer wrote:
    >> Russell Adams [2022-05-11 Wed 18:14] wrote:
    >> > Could I add some minor mode to say text-mode with
    >> auto-fill-mode and > aspell somewhere when opening those blocks?
    >> Hi! If you're editing text why do you need a special buffer? You
    >> can edit them in the orgmode buffer and enjoy all its textual
    >> features.

    > First up, it's because it used to work and now it doesn't. ;]

    > Second it can be very useful to work on a sub-buffer, or indirect
    > buffer for some content. Why shouldn't I be able to edit the
    > contents of that block inside an indirect buffer where my
    > beginning-of-buffer, end-of-buffer, word wrap, or global find and
    > replace are constrained to that block of text?

    > This works for example blocks, but no longer for verse and quote
    > blocks. These are native Org block types and not my fanciful made
    > up ones. Why should the popup work for example blocks, but not the
    > others? That borders on a bug, where my question was considered as
    > a configuration question.

I very much support the idea that special and source blocks should be
treatable in the same way. I'd like to be able to edit example and quote
using C-c '.

Best wishes,

Colin Baxter.

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