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Re: How to stop results being hidden when using ":results drawer"?

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: How to stop results being hidden when using ":results drawer"?
Date: Thu, 12 May 2022 18:14:08 +0800

Richard Stanton <rhstanton@berkeley.edu> writes:

> I’m creating documents where I run Python code blocks that create LaTeX 
> mathematical output that I want to be able to export to either LaTeX/PDF or 
> HTML. 
> Using :wrap in the header works fine, except that LaTeX complains about the 
> unknown environment “results” (it still compiles the file to PDF fine).
> Using :wrap export latex works fine for LaTeX export, but I can’t get HTML 
> that way.
> The recommended method seems to be to use :results drawer. This works fine 
> from an export perspective to both LaTeX/PDF and to HTML. However, it has one 
> significant drawback when I’m actually creating the document: the results 
> drawer starts out hidden and to see what’s there I have to click on it. This 
> makes debugging the code in the first place a lot less convenient.
> Is there a way to use :results drawer and have the results NOT hidden by 
> default?

I think that you are experiencing the same issue with

Does it help when you run
M-: (setq org-fold-core-first-unfold-functionsp nil) <RET>
before running the code block?


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