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Re: How to stop results being hidden when using ":results drawer"?

From: Richard H. Stanton
Subject: Re: How to stop results being hidden when using ":results drawer"?
Date: Thu, 12 May 2022 10:04:08 -0700

>> I’m creating documents where I run Python code blocks that create LaTeX 
>> mathematical output that I want to be able to export to either LaTeX/PDF or 
>> HTML. 
>> Using :wrap in the header works fine, except that LaTeX complains about the 
>> unknown environment “results” (it still compiles the file to PDF fine).
>> Using :wrap export latex works fine for LaTeX export, but I can’t get HTML 
>> that way.
>> The recommended method seems to be to use :results drawer. This works fine 
>> from an export perspective to both LaTeX/PDF and to HTML. However, it has 
>> one significant drawback when I’m actually creating the document: the 
>> results drawer starts out hidden and to see what’s there I have to click on 
>> it. This makes debugging the code in the first place a lot less convenient.
>> Is there a way to use :results drawer and have the results NOT hidden by 
>> default?
> I think that you are experiencing the same issue with
> 80k0ar1lml.fsf@felesatra.moe/T/#u">https://list.orgmode.org/80k0ar1lml.fsf@felesatra.moe/T/#u
> Does it help when you run
> M-: (setq org-fold-core-first-unfold-functionsp nil) <RET>
> before running the code block?
> Best,
> Ihor

Thanks for the suggestion, Ihor, but like John, this doesn’t solve my problem. 
For now, I'm using :wrap flushleft, which allows exporting to both LaTeX and 
HTML without errors, allows xenops to preview my LaTeX output, and doesn’t have 
any hiding issues. I’ve also reported the issue to the author of xenops.

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