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Re: simple request letter - help

From: Juan Manuel Macías
Subject: Re: simple request letter - help
Date: Fri, 13 May 2022 18:22:38 +0000

hi Andrés,

andrés ramírez writes:

> Hi. Juan.
> My comments below.

I'll explain what happens. There really isn't an alignment issue. TeX by
default applies a first line indent to paragraphs. It also defaults to
applying English typographical conventions, as is the case in your
document, where the first paragraph following a section is not indented.
This is what is happening :):

no indent -------------
indent       ----------
indent       ----------

Another more general typographical convention is that when paragraphs
are separated by a vertical space, they do not need to indent the first
line, as it is a redundant mark. Besides, you are making paragraph
separation by direct format (\bigskip). I usually recommend not applying
direct format in LaTeX, or applying it as little as possible. To disable
the first line indentation and make the paragraphs have a space between
them, it is enough that you add this:

#+LaTeX_Header: \parindent=0em\parskip=\bigskipamount

That way, you're giving the first line indentation a global value of
zero and a paragraph spacing value equivalent to \bigskip, and you don't
need to put a \bigsip every time you start a paragraph.

On the other hand, this code at the end does not give you an error?

\makebox[1.5in]{\hrulefill} \hspace {1.0in} \\
& John Doe \\

best regards, 

Juan Manuel 

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